What Type of Education Do the Property Brothers Have?

The Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott has a degree in construction and design, and Drew Scott has a real estate license. The brothers got their start in the home flipping business in 2001 as a way to earn money while they worked on their acting careers, says the Los Angeles Times.

Jonathan and Drew Scott purchased their first home at the age of 17, according to HGTV. They flipped the house and made a $50,000 profit at the age of 21 while attending the University of Calgary, says The Los Angeles Times. The first season of Property Brothers aired in 2011.

The Property Brothers’ parents were not aware they were having twins until birth, says HGTV. They grew up in Vancouver, Canada and have relocated to Las Vegas where they currently reside. Both brothers know karate and have 2nd degree black belts, were competitive bagpipers as children, enjoy doing stand up comedy and have their own production company called Scott Brothers Entertainment.

The Property Brothers have expanded their brand to Asia and are continuously building their brand by working on a book, an outdoor furniture line, a fashion production and additional ideas for television, according to their interview with the Los Angeles Times.