What Type of Doctor Treats Pancreatic Disease?

An endocrinologist is the main physician involved in treating pancreatic disease, according to RightDiagnosis.com. A family or internal medicine physician should also be involved in the initial consultation.

The two main functions of the pancreas are to make insulin for regulating blood sugar levels and to make enzymes to break down proteins, explains MedicineNet. Pancreatic disease can range from issues with diabetes to cancer. It is important to give the physician a complete list of all symptoms.

Upon a full medical check up, the physician may ask for more specialized tests to help determine a diagnosis. A special blood test may lead to early detection of pancreatic cancer, an often silent disease that isn’t discovered until it is too late because there are not any symptoms, states Everyday Health. The symptoms only appear after the tumors have spread, leaving less time for treatment.

Though not common, genetics can also play a part in contracting pancreatic diseases, according to MedicineNet. It is important to discuss doctor and specialist choices with other family members and friends who have dealt with a pancreatic disease. If the patient is a child, adolescent or elderly, there are also age-specific specialists to work with, as noted by RightDiagnosis.com.