What Is a Type B Light Bulb?

Incandescent light bulbs shaped like torpedoes and that fit into candelabras include the type B variety of bulb. The variety of sizes in the bases of the bulb are designed to fit the various socket sizes in the candelabra. Whether you choose clear or frosted bulbs depends on the intensity of light that you want from your fixture.

With rated lives ranging between 2,500 and 3,000 hours and wattages between 15 and 60, people have a wide variety of choices for lighting their spaces.

Those who are considering long-term choices for light fixtures might want to think about bulbs that are not incandescent. Although these do not last as long as their compact fluorescent counterparts, and they are not as energy efficient, the compact fluorescent bulbs that are available on the market today are more attractive than their earlier versions, which means that guests are not going to look up and see unsightly shapes. While the tornado shape of the incandescent Type B bulbs is more aesthetically pleasing, the shape of the candelabra often keeps some or all of the bulbs from view, and the more streamlined shape of newer compact fluorescent bulbs is more attractive than many older models.