What Type of Art Did Pablo Picasso Create?

While Pablo Picasso may be best known as one of the pioneers, along with George Braques, of the Cubism style of art, the Spanish painter and sculptor also painted in many other styles. Before Cubism, he went through a so-called Blue Period, which was a depressing time for him, in which he pioneered a style that was punctuated by a series of paintings featuring hues of the color blue. “Blue Nude” is a well-known example.

The Rose Period followed the Blue Period. Indeed, this was a rosier time for Picasso, having fallen in love, and the period was marked by paintings with not only warmer colors such as beige and pink but also greater dimensions. The images in the paintings were larger and more full-bodied. “Two Nudes” is a well-known example of this style.

The Classical Period was marked by paintings with a neoclassical style. “The Lovers” typifies the style of painting he did during this period.

Picasso’s Surrealist style of paintings, done during wartime, is best typified by the antiwar painting titled “Guernica,” named after the Basque town that was bombed by the Germans. This style was characterized by somber tones of black, gray and white. Picasso also made 300 sculptures and ceramic works of art.