How Do You Type an I With 2 Dots Over It on the Keyboard?

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to put umlauts, or “double dots,” over letters. The shortcut for double dots over the letter “i” is “Alt + 0207” for an uppercase i and “Alt + 0239” for a lowercase i.

  1. Find the code shortcut

    Each character has a certain code shortcut. For an uppercase double-dotted “i”, the code is “Alt + 0207”, and “Alt + 0239” for a double-dotted lowercase “i”.

  2. Enable Num Lock

    Num Lock must be turned on for the code to be entered.

  3. Enter code shortcut

    To enter the code shortcut, hold down the “Alt” key, type in the numerical code and then release the “Alt” key. The letter with an umlaut above it then appears.