What Are the Two Types of Surrealism?

The two types of surrealism art are abstract and figurative. Figurative surrealism depicts realistic imagery in an unreal place or form, while the latter uses natural, organic forms instead of geometric shapes.

Surrealist artists were influenced by Sigmund Freud and desired to depict their own unconscious thoughts and feelings in their art. According to Scholastic, the surrealistic art movement emerged in Europe in the mid-1920’s and remained popular until end of World War II. Surrealism then split into two varieties: abstract and figurative. Abstract surrealists used a lack of distinct form as a method of rebelling against traditional art techniques. These artists thought that formless art was the only true way to depict the subconscious. Figurative surrealists, on the other hand, believed that the imagery of the subconscious had meaning. Figurative artists realistically depicted subconscious imagery in order to better study and understand their meaning.