What Is a TV Size Distance Calculator?

Glow Decor/Glow/Getty Images

A TV size distance calculator helps a consumer determine the optimum television screen size for a viewing area. It suggests a suitable television screen size that can deliver the best picture quality from where the viewer normally sits.

According to Sony, the room area, the viewing distance and the size and picture quality of the television determine if a viewer may be comfortable while watching television. Sony recommends a 1.6-meter seating distance for a 40-inch full-HD 1080p television. A farther distance of 2.2 meters is recommended if getting an HD-ready television because the screen’s scan lines are too noticeable when viewers are seated near the television. As of 2014, with a full-HD model, it’s not necessary to move back as the television delivers high-definition details without affecting the viewing experience even when seated up close.