What Is Tuscan Fine English Bone China?

Tuscan is a brand of fine English bone china produced from 1876-1967 in Staffordshire, England. The company is owned by Wedgwood as of 2014, and its products bear the name “Royal Tuscan.” Tuscan china is popular among collectors who appreciate its vivid colors and bold patterns. Many patterns feature elaborate hand-painted designs.

One of the most popular patterns of Tuscan fine English bone china is DuBarry Rose, a delicate floral design with hand-painted flowers and vines on a white background. DuBarry Rose was produced in the 1950s. Another heavily collected pattern, Poppies, was manufactured in the 1930s. This pattern features huge, bold, off-center flower blossoms and judicious use of white space.

In addition to its colorful domestic china pieces, the Royal Tuscan brand is known for its line of strong, breakage-resistant commercial china. These items are sold as “Metallised Hotel China.”

Authentic Tuscan fine English bone china has one of several stamped marks. On pieces produced before 1967, the mark contains the words “Tuscan Fine English Bone China” placed above a winged crown symbol. The words “Made in England” appear below the crown. Items produced after the merger with Wedgwood have two lines of text above the crown emblem and one below it. The first line reads “Royal Tuscan,” the next is “Made in England,” and the words “Fine Bone China” appear below the crown.