How Do You Turn on the Wireless Switch on a NEC Versa?

In order to turn on the wireless switch on a NEC Versa, the user must slide the Wi-Fi button to the on position, and then enable it on the computer. Once enabled, the user will be able to use the Versa’s wireless LAN capabilities.

The Nec Versa is a small and versatile tablet PC. The computer is user-friendly and has all the main buttons on the unit laid out to be easily accessible. Use the following instructions in order to turn on the Wi-Fi switch on a NEC Versa.

  1. Lay the Versa flat
  2. Place the NEC Versa on top of a flat surface.

  3. Look for the Wi-Fi symbol
  4. Carefully inspect each side of the NEC Versa until finding the Wi-Fi symbol. Once found, switch it on.

  5. Enable Wi-Fi
  6. Enable the wireless settings on the Windows interface.