How Do I Turn Off the Fn Key on My Dell Laptop?

To turn off the Function key on a Dell laptop, enter the BIOS screen from the boot screen. Navigate to Function Key Behavior, and change it to Multimedia Key First.

  1. Enter BIOS screen

    Restart your computer, and watch the boot screen note at the bottom saying “Press the F2 key to enter system BIOS.” It is usually the F2 key, but it may be another key. Hold down the key indicated.

  2. Navigate to Function Key Behavior

    Press the right arrow key to go to the Advanced tab. Use the down arrow to scroll down to Function Key Behavior. Press the Enter key.

  3. Select Multimedia Key First

    Press the up or down arrow to change the selection to Multimedia Key First. Press the F10 to save and exit. Allow the system to reboot.