How Do You Turn on Multiplayer Mode on “Toy Story 3” for Wii?

In order to play “Toy Story 3” in multiplayer mode, players need to have their Wii remotes on and synced to the Wii. Once the Wii remotes are synced, players simply need to select a level and have their partner press A to join the game.

  1. Sync the Wii remotes to the Wii

    The Wii remotes will need to be synced before the game is loaded in order to access multiplayer mode. Press the Home button and select “Wii Remote Settings.” Under the section labeled Connection, there will be a reconnect option. Press the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time to sync the remote and follow any additional prompts.

  2. Start the game

    Load the game by inserting it into the Wii or selecting it on the Home screen. Once the game board is loaded, players can select a stage by pressing A. Press A again to confirm the selection and begin.

  3. Join the game

    The option for player 2 to join the game will appear if the Wii remotes are properly synced. All the player needs to do is press A. Players can also join games that have already started. However, this will cause the level to restart.