How Do I Turn My Dog’s Paw Print Into a Tattoo?

Turning your dog’s paw print into a tattoo requires a paint or ink print of its paw on paper, an idea of the design you would like to use, and a tattoo artist who can incorporate the paw print into a design you like. Tattoo costs vary; be prepared to pay more for larger or more intricate tattoos, which also take longer sittings.

Your dog’s paw print is considered a custom tattoo. Before going to the tattoo parlor, you need to get a clean and clear print of your dog’s paw. Paint your dog’s paw with non-toxic children’s paint, or press it into a non-toxic ink pad in a dark color. Then, with even pressure, press the dog’s paw onto a thick, white piece of paper. Get several prints on different sheets of paper to ensure you have the cleanest, clearest print possible.

The tattoo artist will be responsible for making the print into a tattoo. Take the prints to the tattoo parlor when you make an appointment. Let the artist know the spot on your body where you want the tattoo. If you want an additional design or lettering with the print, let the artist know. The tattoo artist will trace the print and create a design, then trace the tattoo onto a special paper called transfer paper and place it on your body. You will then be ready to get your tattoo.