How Do I Turn My Computer Screen Right-Side Up?

To turn your computer screen right side up, press CTRL, ALT and the Up Arrow key. You can rotate the screen in multiple directions by pressing one of the arrow keys while holding down CTRL and ALT.

  1. Hold the Control button

    Press and hold down one of the CTRL keys. These keys are at the bottom corners of the main section of the keyboard.

  2. Hold the ALT key

    Press and hold the ALT key. These keys are on either side of the space bar.

  3. Press the Up Arrow key

    Press the arrow pointing upward while simultaneously holding the CTRL and ALT keys to rotate your screen right-side up. The left and right arrows rotate the screen 90 degrees in either direction. While holding CTRL and ALT, press any of the arrow keys to make your computer screen rotate in the direction you choose.

  4. Disable screen rotation

    To prevent the screen from turning the wrong direction again, right click on your desktop. The pop-up menu should have either a button called Properties or Screen Resolution. Click on it. In the dialog box that appears, there should be a check box that enables screen rotation. To disable screen rotation, uncheck the box. Click Apply and then OK.