How Do You Turn the Bypass Off on a Water Softener?

To turn the bypass off, simply turn the valve levers into the open position, which is usually vertical. When the bypass is on, this prevents the water softener from using water. This prevents water from being wasted during certain times, such as watering the lawn.

With the bypass on, the water softener cannot perform its function. When the bypass is off, the hard water flows through the salt in the water softener, which removes the calcium and magnesium ions that make the water hard. Hard water contains more minerals than regular, or soft, water. This makes it difficult for soap to dissolve which makes it harder to get things clean, such as hair, clothing and dishes. To ensure the water softener is doing its job, the bypass should be turned on.

  1. Locate the valves
  2. The bypass valves are located where the water softener connects to the water pipes. This is usually behind the water softener’s control box. There are usually three valves: one on the inlet, one on the outlet and one on the main line.
  3. Check the valves’ positions
  4. Normally, the valves are in a horizontal position when the bypass is on. Turn them so that they are in a vertical position. This will change the softener from the bypass mode into active mode.