How Do You Troubleshoot a Robertshaw Thermostat?

In order to troubleshoot a Robertshaw thermostat, the model number must be determined. Each model has its own product manual and set of troubleshooting steps. All of the product manuals and step-by-step guides are available on the official Robertshaw website.

Most common problems with Robertshaw thermostats relate to incorrect installation. Fresh installations require mounting on an inside wall, 4 to 5 feet above the ground. The thermostat should not be installed behind doors, in corners, near air vents or windows, or in direct exposure to heat and sunlight.

When a correctly installed thermostat malfunctions, a power-related issue may be the cause. If the thermostat does not work when turned on, the user should follow the wiring installation instructions to check the wiring. If the unit device switches between on and off too rapidly, there might be something wrong with the set temperature differential. Instructions for adjusting this setting appear in the product manual’s Check the Programming Guide. If the LO BAT signal is flashing, or the thermostat display is blank, batteries may need to be replaced.

If the thermostat does not follow the program entered during installation, the user should check the program to confirm that the thermostat is set to COOL or HEAT. The correct AM/PM time of day setting should also be verified.

When all else fails, troubleshooting and repair may be conducted by Robertshaw’s technical support team.