How Do You Troubleshoot a ResMed CPAP Machine?

utah778/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To troubleshoot a ResMed CPAP machine, find out the cause of the problem, and try corresponding solutions, explains the manufacturer. Set the machine according to the model’s manual, and always discuss the use of a CPAP machine with a doctor or a sleep specialist.

If your CPAP machine shuts off at night, first make sure that you have turned on the therapy device, instructs ResMed. It is possible for the device to turn off if the Smart Start/Stop function is on and your machine has high levels of leakage. Another common problem is an object covering the supply unit, and sometimes a blocked filter needs a replacement. If there is a message on the screen, follow the instructions to clear the screen, or contact the machine’s supplier.

Replacing parts regularly is essential for the machine to be effective, notes ResMed. You should replace full face cushions, nasal cushions and nasal pillows every 15 days, as the silicone in the products can become soft and no longer effective. If your environment is humid or dusty, the disposable filter does not last long for becoming dirty and requiring replacement. After five to seven years, the machine wears out and needs a replacement.