How Do You Troubleshoot and Repair a Lasko Tower Fan?

Before making repairs or adjustments, refer to your Lasko user’s manual for relevant insights and solutions. For maximal performance, clean your Lasko tower fan regularly with a standard vacuum and brush attachment.

Always unplug the unit before vacuuming. If your fan does not start, try plugging it into another electrical outlet. If the fan still won’t work, contact Lasko’s customer service department at 800-233-0268 during regular business hours.

Do not open your Lasko tower fan under any circumstances. When cleaning the exterior of the fan, use a soft cloth. Avoid alcohol or other solvents. Always unplug your Lasko fan when it is not in use. If your Lasko tower fan won’t respond to your remote control, you may be out of range. The remote control’s range is 15 feet, and you must point it directly at the fan’s control panel.

For safe operation, only use your Lasko tower fan in a room with a working smoke detector. Lasko tower fans are only intended for indoor use. Do not place your fan near an open window where it may become wet. Keep your fan out of the reach of small children, and do not leave your fan running around unattended children.