How Do You Troubleshoot Problems With a Primo Water Cooler?

Troubleshooting a water cooler involves determining if the issue is slow water flow, bad flavor or the wrong temperature. Most water coolers are simple devices, and cleaning the proper part often resolves the issue.

Most water coolers use gravity to dispense the water. If the outlet becomes clogged with minerals or other debris, the flow of water from the bottle slows. Cleaning the dispenser usually resolves the problem; however, in some cases, the issue is air in the dispenser lines. To remove air from the lines, remove the bottle from the dispenser and enlist the help of a friend to replace the bottle while you hold both taps open. The pressure of the water filling in this manner displaces the air.

To fix a water cooler when the water tastes bad, remove the bottle and clean the dispenser. Use liquid dish soap and scrub the cavity that holds the water. Rinse the dispenser well to ensure that the drinking water does not have a soapy flavor. If the dispenser uses a filter, check the cartridge expiration date, and change it, if necessary.

If the water cooler does not dispense water at the correct temperature, make sure you have plugged in the unit and set it at the desired temperature. Unplug the unit, and clean the cooling coils with a vacuum cleaner. Insert the power cord back into the plug, and allow time for the water to reach the correct temperature.