How Do You Troubleshoot a Problem With the Dyson Vacuum?

Troubleshoot a problem with a Dyson vacuum by first identifying the main issue, such as poor suction or loss of power, and checking the relevant components for blockages or damage. Alternately, the Dyson website includes detailed support sections for diagnosing and resolving various issues with each of its models, as of 2015.

To troubleshoot an issue with a Dyson vacuum on your own, first determine the exact nature of the problem. For example, if the vacuum fails to pick up items on the floor, it may be a suction issue, while the vacuum depositing new debris onto the floor may be a sign of a seal issue. Test the vacuum in different environments and with different outlets to confirm the issue, then unplug the unit and examine the necessary components. Many issues likely result from common situations such as a clog in the suction system, a dirty filter or a damaged seal on one of the connector points.

To troubleshoot an issue using the Dyson website, visit, and click on the Support option in the main navigation bar. Choose the style of vacuum you have, such as cordless or upright, and then select the specific model from the list of options. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the vacuum to locate its troubleshooting page. This page contains common issues, such as odd smells or loss of power, and an explanation of how to resolve each issue.