How Do You Troubleshoot Printing Problems for the Amazon Return Label?

Some methods for troubleshooting printing problems with an Amazon return label include selecting the correct printer, checking the USB cables or wireless network, and replacing the ink cartridges. If the problems persist, try emailing the label to a friend to print or requesting a copy via mail.

Part of the return process for an order from consists of printing a return mailing label to place on the package you are shipping back to the company. This label appears in an email after you complete the return process. First, check to make sure you are able to download and view the label properly and that the file has no corruption. When you initiate the printing process, make sure to select the correct printer from the list of available devices. Some computers may attempt to print through an old device that is not currently connected or send the file to an external program.

If the device you want to use does not appear on the list, check its power source, and make sure the USB cable is securely connecting the printer to your computer. If you are using a wireless printer, try resetting the printer or your wireless network. It may be necessary to replace your ink cartridges if the printer doesn’t process the document. If the label still does not print, try emailing it to another person so you can print it on a different device.