How Do I Troubleshoot a Panasonic Television?

Getty Images News/CC-BY 2.0

To troubleshoot a Panasonic television, start by checking the Panasonic remote to see if the DBS, DVD and VCR buttons are active. You have to deactivate these buttons and push the TV button on for the television to function. Sometimes the television may stop functioning due to the timer option, an incorrect jack connection or the program lock option.

  1. Check the remote options

    If the VCR, DVD or DBS buttons are lit on the Panasonic television remote, turn them off, and select the TV option on the remote. The VCR, DVD and DBS buttons operate other features of the audio/video system and must be deactivated for the Panasonic television to function.

  2. Increase the screen ratio of your television

    If the edges of the images on your screen appear as if they are cut off or the screen appears distorted, you must adjust the screen ratio. Select the aspect button on your remote, and cycle through different screen sizes until you find the original screen ratio. Cycling of screen sizes allows you to watch programs in their original ratios.

  3. Check the channel lock and timer features

    If your Panasonic television turns on and off unexpectedly, choose the timer option on the remote menu, and change the timer settings. If you can’t access some channels, check the channel lock feature by selecting the lock feature on the menu button. Shut the channel lock option off to start receiving programs on the stations you like.