How Do I Troubleshoot Mitsubishi TV Problems?

Many problems associated with Mitsubishi televisions can be fixed by resetting the unit to default. To restore the factory settings, press Enter and then reset. The most common problems are associated with television controls, cooling-fan failure or projection lamp failure. Mitsubishi televisions have diagnostic features that show the cause of the last shutdown as long as it has not been turned on again after the shutdown.

Color inaccuracies can be fixed by pressing the Menu button and selecting the key to highlight “perfect color.” If the television has problems with video or audio, press the Menu button, and reset all inputs to the original factory settings. You can also reset the television controls by pressing the Menu button and typing “123” to reset.

If you notice the Power button blinking five times after using the remote, change the batteries in the remote because this is an alert for low batteries. If the projection lamp fails to work, remove the lamp compartment using a Philips-head screwdriver. Ensure the bulb is cool and the television is unplugged before replacing the lamp. Remove the old cartridge and insert a new one, secure the lamp and replace the cover. Button names may differ depending on the Mitsubishi television model.