How Do You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Dehumidifier?

Kenmore dehumidifiers are very effective for reducing air humidity levels. Excessive humidity can lead to water damage, fungal growth, mold and even minor flooding. If your Kenmore dehumidifier is failing or has stopped working, make sure it has power, that the room is warm enough, and that hoses and filters are clean and have no obstructions.

  1. Verify that the dehumidifier is plugged in

    Make sure the electrical socket has power. Examine the circuit breaker for the circuit that supplies power to the humidifier. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

  2. Adjust the temperature of the room

    Set the temperature of the room to at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the dehumidifier does not work.

  3. Make sure the dehumidifier does not run too much

    Verify that windows and doors are closed to minimize humidity sources.

  4. Look for water on the floor

    Examine the unit for clogs, kinks or a loose connection around the drain hose.

  5. Clean side grills and air filters

    Clean the side grill and air filter if you notice a dirty filter and grill. Open the lower filter tab to access the grills on both sides of the device.

  6. Remove the air filter

    Pull the filter down and away from the Kenmore dehumidifier.

  7. Wash the air filter

    Use a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and then allow it to air dry before reinserting.