How Do You Troubleshoot the Kenmore 80 Series Clothes Washer?

gerenme/E+/Getty Images

To troubleshoot a Kenmore 80 series washing machine, begin by identifying the problem and its associated solutions. Common problems include failure to drain or spin and failure to fill with water.

The first steps include checking the power cord, checking the water pressure and checking the lid switch. Further troubleshooting is necessary if the washer is receiving power and water. Determine whether the washer fills, drains, spins or agitates. Each of these actions can be associated with different problems. For instance, if the washer drains but does not agitate, the problem may be a damaged or broken motor coupler.

Sears PartsDirect recommends checking the lid switch with an ohm or volt meter if the washer fails to fill with water, drain or spin. Failure to drain may also be caused by a blockage in the drainage line. Remove the drainage line and clean it before replacing to determine whether a blockage is causing the washer to malfunction. RepairClinic recommends checking for small items, such as socks, in the drain pump after cleaning the drain lines if the washer isn’t draining properly.

A washer that overfills may be caused by a malfunctioning pressure switch or a slow water flow from the supply lines. Check the filters in the supply lines, and clean the filters where the supply hoses connect to the washer. Contacting the vendor where the washing machine was purchased may also help troubleshoot problems.