How Do You Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Washing Machine That Is Not Spinning?

One way to troubleshoot a Frigidaire washing machine that is not spinning is to check the washer’s door latch. The door of the washer must be closed completely to ensure that it spins, and the latch must be free of debris. A faulty door latch also prevents high-speed spin cycles. The door features a wax motor that burns out easily, causing the latch to fail.

The dispenser drawer must also be closed on front-loading washers to engage the spin cycle. Also, ensure that the load of clothing in the washer is balanced. An unbalanced load often prevents the washer from spinning.

If the washer spins for a short time, emits a loud banging sound and then stops spinning completely, it could be a sign that the washer’s suspension shocks are loose. A foreign object may also be caught in the washer’s drain pump or the tub bearing.

Troubleshoot washers that spin slightly but still leave clothing wet by checking the machine’s drain hose, load balance, load size, cycle speed and the condition of the washer’s pump. The washer’s drain hose must lay straight and be free of clogs. Check the size of the load, and make sure that clothing isn’t higher than the holes at the top of the tub on a top-loading washer. Clothing in a front-loading washer must leave enough room for the door to close easily. Use a faster spin speed if that option is available, and make sure the washer’s pump isn’t clogged.