How Do You Troubleshoot a Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart Washer?

Inigo Cia/Moment/Getty Images

To troubleshoot a Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart washer, begin by unplugging the unit from the wall and resetting the machine. Next, make sure the water is flowing into the machine by turning on the cold and hot faucets. Check for any soap suds that could affect the normal filling of the machine, and clean the washer thoroughly to clear any soap build-ups that may affect normal functioning.

Resetting the Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart washing machine typically solves all minor problems. If the problem is still present after a reset, ensure the water is feeding perfectly into the machine, and clear any blockages from the pipes and connection. If a pipe bulges, detach it, and clear the blockages before reattaching it.

Troubleshooting can also be done while the machine is running. After the wash cycle, remove all clothes from the machine, and let the suds dissolve before putting them back into the machine to minimize the likelihood of spinning problems. If the washer rocks or leaks during operation, remove some clothes from the machine, and resume washing the clothes to see if this fixes the problem.

Ensure the machine sits level with its feet securely fastened, because an unbalanced machine affects water levels and the performance of water cycles. Replace any rubber feet that are damaged or disconnected. Clean out the machine using two cups of detergent, as cleaning the machine helps to wash away soapy residue, thereby improving the performance of the machine.