How Do You Troubleshoot a Faulty Remote for an Adjustable Bed?

Though specific brands and models of adjustable beds feature remotes with different functions and features, general troubleshooting steps for faulty remotes include checking the connection to the bed as well as the power supply for the bed itself. After checking for a disconnection, unplug and replug the remote and power supply, then check the batteries in the remote.

When pressing the buttons on the remote fails to initiate the appropriate action, such as raising or lowering the sections, this is one common sign of a faulty remote for an adjustable bed. The first troubleshooting step in this case is to check the power supply to the bed. Locate the power cable and ensure that it fits securely into the receiving end of the bed and the wall socket. It may be necessary to test the wall socket with another device to ensure that it is receiving power. If the bed still does not respond, check the cable on the remote for any frays or breaks.

Alternately, for a wireless remote, ensure that it has working batteries and that they are sitting in the remote correctly. Check each button on the remote to determine if the entire device is broken or if it is only a particular button. If the device still does not work, contact the manufacturer to request a replacement or a repair.