What Are Some Trivia Questions for Senior Citizens?

Morsa Images/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Some trivia questions suitable for senior citizens include: “Darjeeling is a type of tea that comes from which country?” and “Which unit is used to measure the sizes of horses?” The answers to these questions are “India” and “hands” respectively.

Another question asks which rock and roll singer appeared on Ed Sullivan in 1956 and was only allowed to be shown from the waist up. The answer is Elvis Presley.

More questions to ask are what artist from the 1960s was famous for paintings of everyday items such as soup cans, and who the first athlete to earn a perfect score in Olympic gymnastics was. The answers to those questions are Andy Warhol and Nadia Comaneci, respectively.

Other quiz questions for senior citizens might focus on vintage comedians, football players and actors. They might also pertain to subjects such as national history, travel knowledge and wildlife.

A less “trivial” approach to quiz questions for senior citizens might center around the subject of health and nutrition. For example, participants might be asked whether it is true or false that fewer nutrients are required in their diet as they grow older.