What Is the Trick to the Game Black Magic?

Photo Courtesy:[Timothy Krause/Flickr]

The objective of the game is for your friends or audience to figure out how two individuals can communicate “telepathically.” For you to trick your audience into thinking you are using black magic, you’ll require a partner in crime. Together with some random objects and a sense of humor and curiosity, you’ll be able to keep the game fun and different all through. The following is a guide on how to play black magic effectively and drive everyone in the room insane while attempting to crack the code.

Get Set 

Start by taking your partner in crime or assistant to another room before you get together with your friends. In private, tell your assistant the secret of the game. Tell them that you’ll be pointing to various items in the room and asking if each one is the item you’re thinking of. They should keep answering “No” while still paying attention to the color of the pointed items. Once you point to a black item, your assistant should say “No” again but should agree that the next object you point to will be the correct answer. 

Showtime (The Pledge)

Return to the room alone. Your assistant should be left behind where they can’t hear you during the game. This reassures your audience that the “psychic” assistant can’t eavesdrop. Request one of the audience member or a volunteer to select an item in the room or point it out. Ask them to tell you what the item is as you’ll be sending a psychic message to your assistant so he or she might know the object chosen.

Ostensive Description (The Turn)

Once you’ve ensured everyone in the audience knows the item chosen, ask several people from the audience to bring your assistant back into the room. A group is necessary to remove any doubts that would arise by sending an individual who might reveal what the object is. Point to various items in the room while asking if the object is “it.” Remember to avoid pointing to any black objects. Spice up your trick by placing your fingers on your head’s sides and staring at your assistant to “transmit the psychic message” before pointing. 

The Prestige

Point to a black item that the audience member would never choose. Upon inquiring if it’s the right object, your assistant should say, “No.” After pointing to the next object, your assistant should answer “Yes” to your question as planned earlier on as it’s the correct item. Your audience will be startled at how you’ve managed to pass along the secret. 

Alternate Versions of Black Magic

Your audience will generally try to guess how you’ve done the trick at this stage. Prove to them that their guesses are wrong by repeating the trick in a different manner. You can carry out the “black” method first then alternate it with the number method. You can inform your assistant that the eighth, ninth, or 10th item that you point to will be the right answer. Selecting a number higher than five makes it less apparent of a scheme to your audience. The use of coded gestures with your assistant astounds your audience further if you allow a volunteer to point out the objects.