How Do You Treat Water Stains on Leather?

Water stains on leather can be easily removed with the offender itself: water. The spot and the surrounding should be wiped with a clean, damp sponge that was placed in water and wrung thoroughly. The area should dry naturally or be blown gently with a hair dryer, but it should not be placed in the sun.

Several other leather problems are fixable at home. In winter, boots and coats come clean of road salt when a solution containing equal amounts of water and white vinegar is applied. A soft cloth placed in the mixture is used to blot the affected area. This process often needs to be repeated several times to eliminate all traces of salt. Small oil stains from food are removable with corn starch if the cleaning takes place promptly. Corn starch is worked into the stain with the fingers, rubbing firmly. After the corn starch is brushed away, the spot has probably disappeared. If not, the process is repeated. On leather furniture, urine stains from dogs are cleaned up with a mild commercial soap. First, any excess urine should be blotted, and then the entire cushion is cleaned following the manufacturer’s directions. Cleaning a large area prevents the appearance of water spots. Cat urine is often unable to be removed from leather, especially if it has dried.