How Do You Treat Turkey Mite Bites on Human Skin?

Remove turkey mites by using tweezers to grasp the pest as close to the head as possible and pulling gently until it releases its bite. Then wash the area with warm water and soap, according to Mayo Clinic. Turkey mites are immature lone star ticks and carry diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever monocytic ehrlichiosis in humans, according to the Harrison County Health Department.

Mayo Clinic recommends sealing any tick removed from the body in a container and keeping it in the freezer. If the bite develops signs of an infection, having the tick helps the doctor determine how to proceed. Victims who are unable to remove the entire tick from the skin should call their doctors for further treatment.

Signs of a disease related to a tick bite include flu-like symptoms such as joint pain, muscle aches and fever. There may be a rash and light sensitivity. Severe symptoms include heart palpations, a severe headache, difficulty breathing or paralysis. Individuals suffering severe symptoms should seek emergency medical assistance, according to Mayo Clinic.

The University of Illinois Extension recommends preventative measures for turkey mites. Wearing long sleeves with tight fitting cuffs helps keep ticks from reaching the body. Use of insect repellents containing DEET also helps to prevent bites.