How Do You Treat Poison Ivy Around the Eye?

According to MedlinePlus, poison ivy around the eyes is often treated with steroid injections or oral medications. MedlinePlus advises individuals with poison ivy anywhere on the face to wash the skin thoroughly and to consult with a health professional to ensure proper treatment and prevent complications.

WebMD explains that poison ivy rashes can be prevented if the skin is washed within 10 minutes of exposure, but it is important to contact a physician if a rash develops around the eyes. In addition to prescription medications, poison ivy symptoms around the eyes can be relieved with oral antihistamines, calamine lotion and cold compresses.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, the main symptom of poison ivy is an itching rash that develops within 72 hours of exposure to the plant’s oil. The rash is often streaked in appearance and in certain cases, oozing blisters develop. Rinsing the skin with warm water and applying aloe vera gel to the rash can help to relieve itching. Poison ivy typically resolves on its own within two weeks, but severe cases often require medical attention. Severe symptoms of poison ivy exposure include swelling of the face and throat, a rash that spreads rapidly, a rash that develops over more than one-third of the body, intense pain and increased redness.