What Is a Travel Trailer Blue Book?

A travel trailer Kelly Blue Book is used to determine how much an RV camper or travel trailer is worth. It can be used for the buying and selling of an RV camper or travel trailer in order to determine how much to sell it for or how much to buy it for at a fair price.

As of 2014, the travel trailer Blue Book is one of the most-trusted methods of determining the value of a travel trailer. It’s recommended that buyers and sellers consult the Kelly Blue Book or the Blue Book website for a quote before completing any type of travel trailer transaction in order to make sure that the trailer has not lost or gained value.

The Blue Book is usually found in RV dealerships as well as financial institutions. While there are some bookstores that carry the Blue Book, the prices listed in them could potentially be out of date by the time the books are stocked.

Besides checking the Blue Book, it’s also recommended that buyers and sellers get a VIN, or vehicle identification number, report in order to see the owner history of the travel trailer. Buyers and sellers should also perform a thorough inspection of the RV in order to ensure it’s in good condition and able to be bought or sold at its current value.