How Has Transportation Changed People’s Lives?

Transportation has helped to change lives through facilitating trade, travel and exchange. Trains, ships, vehicles and other forms of transportation have enabled people to connect with others easily and have improved the distribution of goods around the globe. Today, transportation has become a core component in nearly all activities.

Airplanes have enabled different geographical areas to connect easily. They can transport people and cargoes over long distances. For shorter distances, helicopters are used. Helicopters are also used to reach interior areas to deliver aid and save lives.

Container trains have allowed cargoes to be transported easily and quickly over long distances. Intercity high-speed trains make up the backbone of public transport in many cities. For example, the New York City Subway is the largest in the world by the number of stations and number of roots.

Road transport, such as cycles and vehicles, have increased mobility of people and allowed distribution of goods. Automobiles have provided new forms of social opportunities through suburbanization and also have created job opportunities for many people.

Water transport is commonly used to move heavy cargoes. Ships and cruises also help to transport people over long distances. In the past, water transport played an important role in the exploration of the earth allowing new areas and people to be discovered.