How Do You Transplant a Snowball Bush?

Properly transplanting a snowball bush to the right place is a simple process that only takes a couple of hours, excluding the months spent preparing the root ball. To do this, you need a shovel, twine and subsoil. To ensure success, transplant the bush while it’s still small.

  1. Create a root ball

    Trim the roots of the snowball bush to create a root ball and prepare it for transplanting. Using a shovel, dig a trench around the plant to form a root ball. Allow the root ball to form over the next two months. Make sure the roots don’t grow into the trench.

  2. Prepare the transplant site

    After two months, prepare the new site by digging a hole larger than the root ball.

  3. Tie up the branches

    Before removing the bush, tie up any large, loose branches with twine. This keeps them from breaking or getting damaged during the move.

  4. Transport the bush

    Dig out the root ball. Transport the bush to the new site.

  5. Plant the snowball bush

    Place the snowball bush in the prepared transplant site. Fill the hole with well-drained subsoil and water it well. Give it 1/2 gallon of water for every square foot. Finish the process by removing the twine.