How Do I Transfer My CDs Onto My MP3 Player?

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To transfer music from a CD to an MP3 player, upload the music from the CD to a computer in the MP3 format. Attach the MP3 player to the computer, and transfer the music files.

  1. Open the music library program on the computer

    Two very common programs are iTunes and Windows Media Player. However, others do exist. The MP3 player may have its own software for storing and organizing music.

  2. Place the CD into the drive on the computer

    Put the CD in the computer’s CD/DVD slot. If necessary, attach an external CD reader to the computer through a USB port.

  3. Upload the content of the CD to the music program

    Once a CD is placed into the drive, the music library program automatically recognizes it as music and asks if the files should be uploaded. Select specific files to upload, or allow the entire CD to upload. Select the MP3 format if necessary; the computer may recognize and select it automatically. Be certain the program is copying the music in the MP3 format.

  4. Attach the MP3 player to the computer

    Attach the player to the computer through the correct cord. Be certain the computer recognizes the MP3 player as attached and ready to receive files.

  5. Transfer desired files to the MP3 player

    Most players allow the files just to be dragged over to the MP3 player icon on the computer with the mouse. If that is not an option, identify the files, and move them to the MP3 player manually.