What Is a Transactional Website?

A transactional website is a site that has the ability to process financial transactions. Typical transactions include online banking, financial account management, bill payment, retail purchases, wire transfers, employee payroll and loan application processing.

Transactional websites help to facilitate online management of payments between consumers, companies and organizations. These type of websites are normally a mixture of informational content and portals for making online financial transactions. A bank website that offers customers the ability to log into accounts and deposit, withdraw or transfer money is an example of one type of transactional site.

Governments set up transactional websites to allow citizens to pay taxes and fees conveniently online. In addition, government sites post tax, business and other types of forms designed to report income and other financial details.

Retailers and business service providers use transactional websites to sell goods and services to consumers. Customers are directed to make purchases via an online shopping cart or merchant payment processor.

Loan companies accept loan applications that require management of private financial data. Consumers and businesses granted loans are given access to a secure gateway to make monthly payments.

Transactional websites require adherence to strict security measures in order to ensure the safety of private financial information.