What Are Some Traits of a Moon in Scorpio Man?

Hola Images/Hola Images/Getty Images

A man with moon in Scorpio shows supreme confidence in the way he approaches people and challenges; on the inside, however, his emotions are boiling over. He keeps these emotions concealed because he does not want to have them used against him. Though he is prone to using harsh words in anger, he is still admired by his friends and dedicated to his friendships.

When it comes to love, the moon in Scorpio man is known to be shy around romantic interests. While he typically makes for a stable and faithful partner, he has trust issues that may lead him to spy on his woman.

For this reason, a sensitive woman who loves her freedom may want to think twice about getting involved with him. He can be quite possessive and has a tendency to over-analyze words, which can lead to fierce arguments. If he feels he has been wronged in a relationship, he will not hesitate to take revenge on his partner. He has the best chance in love with a partner who has thick skin. She must respect his space and view sex as a profound emotional experience. Moon in Scorpio is linked to forceful energy, willpower and emotions or passion. There is little middle ground.