What Are the Traits of a Jealous Person?

Common characteristics of a jealous person include low-self esteem, neuroticism that’s characterized by mood swings and emotional instability, feelings of inadequacy, a fear of not being able to measure up to a partner, and anxious attachment or fear that a partner may leave you. People who are overly attached, dependent or insecure are more likely to feel jealousy over the anticipated loss of something they value.

Jealousy is a complex combination of strong emotions that encompasses anger, anxiousness, suspicion, feelings of inadequacy and possessiveness. According to Psychology Today, jealousy is not gender specific and can affect both men and women equally when the person feels a relationship is threatened. Jealousy is also common among siblings who are vying for their parents’ attention or approval.

Jealousy can have a destructive and corrosive impact on relationships. A significant other may feel controlled, badgered, impatient or defensive when confronting unwarranted fears or suspicions. Jealousy, when unchecked and uncontrolled, can even lead to violence in a relationship. According to Psychology Today, jealousy is not always negative, however. It can become a driving force for greater self-examination and awareness in order to understand and change detrimental ways of behaving provided the person experiencing the jealousy is self-aware enough to realize its causes and impacts.