What Are Some Traits of the Greek God Apollo?

Dennis Jarvis/CC-BY-2.0

The Greek god Apollo was a protector and skilled musician who was known for his love of prophecy. Apollo also slew horrific monsters and courted many mortals. His Oracle at Delphi was known throughout Greece.

Unlike some Greek deities, Apollo cared about his subjects. He slew the monstrous snake Python, then did penance to Gaia for nine years because Python was her offspring.

He also had a fierce temper when angered. A satyr named Marsyas challenged Apollo to a music contest. After Apollo won, he had Marsyas flayed alive for daring to challenge a god.

Apollo often answered the prayers of favorite followers. When Cyparissus accidentally killed a beloved pet deer, he wanted to die and have his tears fall for eternity. Apollo granted his wish, transforming the boy into the cypress tree, whose sap resembles teardrops.