Why Is Training Important?


Training is important because it results in fewer mistakes and a better final product. When employers have a well trained team, it ultimately leads to a more profitable and efficient workplace environment. Other reasons why training is important include safety concerns, communication issues and boosted employee retention.

In some cases, lack of training can lead to life or death situations. For instance, if a surgeon is not trained in how to operate on someone, their patient could die on the operating table. If an architect is not trained in how to properly design a building, the building might collapse, crushing its occupants.

Even when training is not related to life or death situations, it is still extremely important, and a comprehensive training program actually increases employee retention in most organizations. When an employee or a volunteer is not well trained, they tend to make mistakes. Their mistakes cost the company money, and they end up making the employee feel so frustrated that they quit their job.

Training offers companies an effective way to invest in their employees. When employees feel like their bosses are interested in their success, they feel more engaged in their posts. In this way, training leads to a more positive work place environment and happier employees.