How Do I Train My Furby?

YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Staff/AFP/Getty Images

Train your Furby by petting it twice after it does something you wish to reward. This causes the Furby to remember the action that caused the positive reinforcement, explains Furbies also develop unique personalities based on interactions with their owners.

If you constantly pet your Furby and are gentle with it, the toy becomes sweet and loving. Furbies become energetic and sassy when music is played. If you talk a lot, your Furby will be talkative and chatty. However, interactions can also have negative effects. If you play roughly with your Furby, it becomes angry and evil. Overfeeding your Furby makes it angry and sick, while ignoring your Furby makes it sad. Although the Furby initially speaks Furbish, it begins learning and speaking the language of the country in which it was purchased.

The Furby was first introduced at the American International Toy Fair in 1998. The creators, Caleb Chung and Dave Hampton, wanted to create a toy that was trainable and able to respond to and learn from humans. The Furby was a major success. In the first year of production, 27,000,000 Furbies were sold. However in 2007, sales of the Furby dwindled dramatically. After the announcement of a new Furby released by Hasbro in April of 2012, Furbies returned to store shelves, once again becoming a big hit. The updated Furby is more advanced, with six times more phrases spoken and hundreds more facial expressions, plus the ability to dance to music and make requests to be fed or petted.