What Are Some Traditional Gifts for a 50th Birthday?

MOF/E+/Getty Images

Many people consider the 50th birthday a milestone year and the golden jubilee for birthdays or anniversaries of any kind. Common traditional gifts are one that are made of gold, including wrist watches, cuff links, pens or jewelry.

Another idea for a traditional gift that is also personal is a memory box that contains old photographs of the person and sentimental objects or certificates of achievement. Nostalgic items are great additions, such as the person’s favorite childhood book or toy and items like a letterman’s pin from his high school or college. This gift should include a blank journal or a camera and film with a note that explains that those items are for collecting new memories.

An extravagant gift for someone turning 50 is a trip to a place he has always wanted to travel or a place he wants to see again and that holds many good memories. Because this is a so-called “bucket list” gift, the trip should meet some goal the birthday celebrant wants to attain before he dies or is not able to travel. All the planning for the trip should be taken care of by the gift giver, including transportation, all activities and accommodations.