What Is the Traditional Gift for an 80th Anniversary?

Kathrin Ziegler/Taxi/Getty Images

Oak is the traditional gift for an 80th anniversary, while diamonds or pearls are a more modern gift. Traditionally, oak is used in place of gems or precious metals because the oak tree takes a long period of time and commitment to reach full maturity, which is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that is necessary to sustain an 80-year marriage.

Though many anniversaries call for precious gems and precious metals, more traditional gifts like oak, offer more personal and creative opportunities for a couple to show their love to each other. Oak is among the strongest wood types in the world, similar to how a marriage of 80 years would be considered a strong relationship. It also holds spiritual significance and is mentioned in the bible around 20 different times. Oak also represents wisdom and longevity. It is also able to withstand the extreme pressure that comes with many years of life, similar to the way an 80-year marriage does.