What Is a Traditional Gift for a 75th Birthday?

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Items made from platinum are traditional gifts to give someone celebrating their 75th birthday. Common platinum gifts include jewelry, candle sticks, picture frames, drinkware, tableware and writing instruments.

Platinum is used to celebrate important milestones, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Because platinum is a rare, precious metal, giving it to someone celebrating their 75th birthday is a way to recognize and respect the person and all of their contributions. Living 75 years is an accomplishment. Giving a gift made of a rare, precious metal demonstrates the rarity of living a long life and serves as a reminder of how precious life is. Platinum also represents wealth and status.

Birthday celebrations date back to the coronations of Egyptian pharaohs. The Greeks celebrated the birthdays of specific gods and goddesses by making cakes and lighting the tops with candles. The Romans were the first society to celebrate the birthdays of “the common man.” Food and cake were given as gifts. Over the years, other societies started celebrating birthdays. The first birthday parties for children were started in Germany. In the United States, during the Industrial Revolution, mass-produced cakes allowed people from different social classes to celebrate birthdays, because until then cakes and other baked goods were only available to the wealthy.