What Is Traditional Colombian Clothing?

Adam Jones/CC-BY-2.0

Traditional Colombian clothing includes the la pollera colora, ruana and sombrero vueltiao. The ruana is a cape-like piece of clothing traditionally worn in the Andean region of Colombian. It is made of dyed or undyed wool and worn wrapped around the shoulders as protection against the cooler weather of the mountains.

One of the most famous pieces of traditional clothing in Colombia is the la pollera colora, which is worn by women. This piece of clothing is a brightly colored skirt, which is worn with a matching blouse with sleeves that sit low on the arms and leave the shoulders uncovered. Both the blouse and skirt are adorned with ruffles and lace. The material of the skirt comes in a multitude of designs and colors, ranging from floral prints to strips of various colors. Men wear similar outfits, except they wear capes, headdresses and trousers containing ruffles at the ankles. Natives usually don this clothing during national festivals and parades.

Another part of traditional Colombian clothing is the sombrero vueltiao, or turned hat. It is worn widely by men, although females occasionally wear it as well. This sombrero is crafted from fibers from palm trees and often have scenes and symbols sewn into them.