What Is the Traditional Clothing of Venezuela?

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Liquiliquis are worn by men on formal or special occasions in Venezuela. Traditional clothing for women consists of brightly colored, full-length skirts and a blouse that is cut just below the shoulders with a ruffle across the chest.

Both Venezuelan men and women wear Western-styled clothing for everyday wear. However for formal events, such as weddings and festivals, the men wear a traditional outfit called the Liquiliqui. This can be made of cotton, linen, gabardine or even wool. The outfit is an all-white suit with trousers and a jacket with a high Nehru collar. The collar is closed with chain links, and the jacket has front buttons and pockets.

Alpargatas are the traditional Venezuelan footwear. They are open-toed sandals with rubber or leather soles and black or brown yarn on the top. A llanero hat is a popular accessory.

Women wear brightly colored or patterned skirts that are calf length or go all the way to the ankles and are cut on the bias. They are teamed with cotton blouses with necklines that encircle the shoulders. The blouse has a lace band or cloth ruffle across the chest. The traditional female look is completed with a ponytail pulled to the side of the head and a hibiscus flower behind the ear.