What Is the Traditional Clothing for Canada?

Canadian Film Centre/CC-BY 2.0

There is not any traditional clothing from Canada, as Canada was settled by both Frenchmen and Englishmen. In the early French colonial period, many of the Canadian people wore French clothing from the 17th century, which included a wig, rich fabrics and elegant lace for a rich and fashionable adult male.

Most of the stylish clothing back then would come over once a year from the French and European ships. Therefore, Canada was always one year behind in the latest French fashions. The first intendant of New France, Jea Talon, was shown in portraits to be wearing a stylish wig, brocade dressing gown, shirt with lavishly trimmed lace at the wrists and a lace cravat.

In 1703, the Madame Riverin was painted in a stylish dress called a mantua and an elegant head-dress called a fontage. The Madame Riverin was the wife of a member of Quebec City Conseil Souverain, and as such would have access to the latest fashions. Her daughters were also in the painting, and they were dressed in a similar fashion. Her son was clothed in a tiny version of the fashionable adult clothing. During this time period, it was common for young children’s clothing to mimic the adult gender’s attire.