What Is the Towing Capacity of a Ford F-250 Diesel Truck?

The towing capacity of a Ford F-250 pickup truck fitted with a 6.7-liter diesel engine is 12,000 pounds for standard cab pickups and 14,000 pounds for crew cab and Super Cab models. Both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are rated for the same towing capacities, as of 2015.

The diesel-powered variant of the Ford F-250 can tow additional weight using a fifth-wheel trailer, increasing its towing capacity to 16,600 pounds for a standard cab model with two-wheel drive, or 16,200 pounds if using four-wheel drive. Unlike standard towing capacities, fifth-wheel towing capacity ratings are lower for four-wheel drive models and for trucks with larger cab sizes. For example, an F-250 with a crew cab and four-wheel drive can only tow 15,100 pounds using a fifth-wheel trailer.