How Do You Find Torque Specs for Ford Vehicles?

To find torque specs for new Ford vehicles, visit, and find the specific vehicle. To find torque specs for older Ford models, browse, and select a specific Ford vehicle. Torque is usually listed under engine specs.

To find specific vehicle models on, select Cars, Crossovers and SUVs, or Trucks and Vans at the top of the page. Choose the model from the dropdown list, and click Specs. Select Engine to view all types of engines offered for the model. Torque is listed as pound-foot at a certain RPM for each engine type. The engine specs page also lists information such as horsepower, drivetrain, transaxle type and induction system.

To find a Ford vehicle’s torque information on, select Ford as the make, and then choose the model and year of the vehicle. Click Features and Specs, and choose the specific Ford model, including the engine type and trim. Torque is listed in the Engine and Performance section, in addition to the cam type, horsepower and engine size. Edmunds also lists interior and exterior measurements, fuel types and capacities, drivetrain and suspension.

Torque is the measure of the vehicle’s turning power. Listed torque information is usually the maximum torque of the internal combustion engine, not torque on the wheels. Torque mostly affects the acceleration of the vehicle, although other aspects, such as center-of-mass and vehicle weight, also affect acceleration.